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Sell/Buy Your Trading Cards For Crypto.

The Safe and Easy Way to Buy and Sell Cards Online for Cryptocurrency 


You select the cards you would like to sell. We only accept graded cards to ensure the buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing. You ship BreakerBay your cards.


Once we receive your cards we then check each card for autintacity. We then list your card on BreakerBay for the price the seller is asking. All cards are then placed in the BreakerBay vault for security and safety.  


All payments are made via BTC or ETH

Once your card has been sold we then notify the seller that their card has been sold! We then verify the payment details of the seller and payment is made in the cryptocurrency they wish and payment is made.  

Film Run Time: 2 hours 22 Minutes 
Sponsor Equity Raise: $85,000,000 (35%)
Minimum Investment: $1,000
Targeted Investment IRR: 19%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.91x
Targeted Average Cash Yield: 8.3%
Ticker Symbol: MRBF
Film Run Time: 2 Hours 15 Minutes  
Sponsor Equity Raise: $30,000,000 (27%)
Minimum Investment: $1,000
Targeted Investment IRR: 15.2%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.96x
Targeted Average Cash Yield: 10.2%
Ticker Symbol: 419BO
Film Run Time: 1 Hour 56 Minutes
Sponsor Equity Raise: $32,000,000 (20%)
Minimum Investment: $1,000
Targeted Investment IRR: 14%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.8x
Targeted Average Cash Yield: 6.9%
Ticker Symbol: FOBO

Blockchain Film and Entertainment Funding Like Never Before

CB Entertainment through tokenization makes it possible to invest in big film and entertainment projects that are out of reach for private investors. This allows producers/directors to sell fractional ownership of their properties.
At CB Entertainment we believe that private investors like you should have access to investing in some of the top films in the industry. This will allow producers/directors full creative freedom to produce the films they have worked so hard on.   
  • Ownership equity in affordable shares
  • Quality, Commercial Real Estate Properties
  • Managed by Experienced Sponsors

Asset Tokenization and Entertainment Blockchain
Exchange on CyberBit Entertainment

The films/entertainment tokenized on CyberBit Entertainment provides an excellent investment option for parking long or short-term capital. Hold your cash in high-quality big-budget films and entertainment-backed digital securities.
We Raise Capital Selling  Equity Shares. Get exclusive access to Industry-leading producer/director films and more

CyberBit Entertainment asset tokenization services are a primary issuance of security tokens for fractional ownership in film/entertainment properties.

Security tokens have customizable features (dividends, hold periods, etc.) created for each film/entertainment project.

CyberBit Entertainment Platform provides liquidity through a global marketplace with over 122,000 active investors.

Benefits of our Platform